Server Highlights

Faction PVP

Faction based pvp server where you and your friends can battle raid enemy factions, Or ally with other factions to take down a mutual enemy.

Creative Plots

For all you builders out there, the creative plots have you covered. With a 101x101 plot you can build to your heart's content.


The use of Skyblock will challenge players to live on a floating island and survive with few means.



Other Great Features

  • Faction Based PVP
    Join a faction to make questing and raiding easier.
  • Challenges
    Many challenges in SkyBlock to explore!
  • Mini-Games
    Dozens of mini-games to play with your friends.
  • Fun For All Ages
    Family fun experience for any age.
  • Safe Environment
    Committed staff to protect you from bullying.
  • Experienced Staff
    Hand picked staff to ensure a safe and calm environment.

The Server Staff Team