An update to the one of the loved (and most frequently copied) word games ever, Text Twist 2 introduces new ways to its basic, yet addicting gameplay. However, it’s not enough for keeping the game from being a bit simple.The basic idea is that at the start of every round you’re handed a sequence of letters (six or seven according to the setting you’ve selected) and you’re required to make as many sentences out of those letters as you can within the time limit of two minutes. Words that include every letter are known as BINGOs and you have to get at least one BINGO each round to move to the next round.If you can guess the BINGO word, you have the option to play on to accumulate additional points, or proceed straight onto the next stage. There are two passes for free that allow you to advance to the next round in the event that you’ve not found BINGO. Official Website :

It is possible to type words by clicking every letter using either the mouse using the keyboard (we discovered that the latter method was much more efficient) If you’re stuck, hit the “Twist” button (spacebar) to make the letters jumble in hopes that a word will reveal it’s own.

There’s also an untimed option for players who want to play in a relaxed manner There are three different modes that provide a slight twist on the standard game. Word of the Day is an uni-round that features every day a different word and is only played daily. In Lightning mode, you’ll be given five scrambled words to must figure out what they are prior to the time is up. There’s also Crossword Mode, but it can be slightly confusing. The game doesn’t give you clues to solvethe puzzle, however, you must complete a crossword-shaped grid that is interlocked vertical and horizontal squares with words that are the same set of letters.

Although there are five games to play through There’s not any variety for Text Twist 2.. Word enthusiasts will find the gameplay just as enjoyable as it has always been, but the design is dull and there’s no reason to play on top of the achievement of scores or meeting the requirements to earn 24 trophies. They comprise Dizzy (use “Twist” 5,000 times) and Bonkers for Bingos (complete only Bingo terms to complete 20 different levels one go).

The main issue I have with the game is that the words you guess aren’t listed alphabetically making it difficult to identify words you’ve missed. The game also calls at you to play multiplayer that lets you compete with friends online or in person and the dictionary can be a little difficult to use – it recognizes “crashers,” for example but not “crasher.”

Based on the fact that there are games for word with a similar, and in certain cases, more advanced set of features which are free to play in the online world (such like the Facebook games for social networks such as Word Twist) Players are likely to get more from Text Twist 2.. In the present, the game is a decent but not a great word game that could use more substance and spark.