Papa’s Pizzeria is one more time management games but instead of managing hotels or farms like in a lot of other games, you’re able to manage a pizzeria. It’s basically the exact same concept however, in a completely different location. Customers place orders and then top the pizza, cook it, and cut pizza according to the requirements of the order. You can do this by clicking on various pizza stations.The first stop is the station for ordering where you will be able to see customers and order their food. Each dish comes with topping ingredients along with cooking time, as well as cutting style that the customer likes.When you’ve received your order, go to the pizza toppings station to begin adding toppings to the pizza. Since the controls of the game are entirely mouse-driven, you’ll be topping by moving ingredients onto the pizza. You can arrange the ingredients after they’re put on pizza. So make sure to rearrange when you feel that the ingredients appear messy. The order in which they are placed can affect your final scores.

The pizza will then move to the baking station to bake. In some cases, with longer baking time set, the game could become boring as you wait until the pizza is ready to bake. This is an issue earlier during the game, when there aren’t a lot of customers. Later, when there are more customers and waiting for pizza, baking times that are longer are beneficial, as they will give you time to manage these customers.

After the pizza has finished baking, it is taken into the cutter station where it will be cut. Make sure that an order ticket is visible at the left prior to proceeding, as without a ticket you’ll be unable to complete the order and the only alternative is to throw away the pizza. This is a bad idea and it could happen.If there’s no ticket to the right side, you will must drag the correct tickets for the order (from the pile of tickets in the upper part of the table) to the left and then you’ll be able to complete the order by pressing”finish order “finish order” button.

After the pizza has been prepared and served to the customer the game will evaluate on how well you complied with the instructions. If the toppings aren’t properly arranged and the pie was cut in an unorganized manner then you’ll be penalized and will be given a lower tip.

Through the game, you’ll be making orders and trying to please your customers. If they are happy and return, they will be loyal customers and help you to get more suggestions.

As stated, all controls in this game are mouse-based. Although the controls are functional in general however, a better user interface for managing orders would have been useful. There are times when it is difficult to read and manage multiple orders tickets. This is why numerous times, a pizza may get sent out by mistake.

It’s the basic game. The game is more challenging and difficult as the game progresses. The difficulty gets heightened because you have to manage several customers who want elaborate pizzas with lots of toppings and odd slices. As the game gets more difficult and more difficult, it can also begin to feel repetitive as you’re repeating the same task every time.